New Corset Conference: "Structuring Fashion"

The corsetmaking community lost its collective mind last week when The School of Historical Dress announced, "Structuring Fashion – Foundation Garments through History," a two day conference taking place in Munich this September 13th & 14th. (Despite the location, the workshops will be held in English.) There's also a bonus museum trip option after the conference ends.


The conference attendance fee is €180 and the museum trip an additional €60. These rates do not include accommodations, giving attendees flexibility in where they'd like to stay, with whom, and for how much.

One unusual (and enticing) element of the conference is that it won't be focused exclusively on Victorian and post-Victorian corsets. The full title is, "Structuring Fashion – Foundation Garments through History," and its coverage will start in the medieval era. Though hoops, panniers and petticoats will also be included, of course it's the corset workshops I'm really after. Here's a selection of what will be offered:

• 'Conspicuous Waist': from Macaroni Men to the 'Despots of Fashion', 1760-1830 with Peter McNeil

• Bodice for an Active Life: It does not have to be 'hard to hold'. Case histories of female upper dresses, from late middle ages to the 18th century, in Italy with Thessy Schoenholzer Nichols

• Crionolomania and More: caricatures on hoop petticoats with Adelheid Rasche

• The Evolution of the Drafting Method of Patterns for Bodies, Stays and Corsets with Luca Costigliolo

• The Origin of the Species: Christian Dior's New Look Woman with Alexandra Palmer

• The Corset in Modern Fashion with Valerie Steele


It's a lot of content packed into two short days and already top corsetmakers are signing up. As with Julia Bremble's Oxford Conference of Corsetry, the networking is sure to be amazing. You won't want to miss this one!

Official details here; tickets available for purchase here.